POV News

2021 Photo Contest

The winning photos were posted on the back page of the 15 September 2021 issue of the Aylmer Express and they are on display at the Straffordville Library.

1st Prize: Theodore the Tugboat taken in Port Stanley by Paul Hodges of St. Thomas
2nd Prize: Hiking in Nana’s Woods taken at Les Tanton’s farm by David Chalk of Aylmer
3rd Prize: Sandcastle Fun taken in Port Burwell by Stacey Scott of Aylmer
Honourable Mention: Hazy Sunset at the Beach taken in Port Burwell by Stacey Scott of Aylmer
Honourable Mention: The Milky Way
taken in Port Burwell by Hardee Brown of London

Bayham Gallery

In co-operation with the Municipality of Bayham and the Straffordville Hall Foundation, the Photographers of the Otter Valley installed a small gallery in the Straffordville Hall Community Centre in early March of 2020.  This first section of display area is a prototype of what will become an expanded display of several similar sections of walls.  The wall space and the hardware for hanging photos or other artwork will be shared by the POV during a typical year with other community groups who may wish to use the display space. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated safety measures, the display is currently not readily accessible to the public.  Therefore, changing the display and expanding the display area are on hold.

POV 2019 Photo Contest

This contest was for community participants, not members of POV. Judging was done by members of the POV and prizes awarded by the POV.

POV Meetings

The club is open to anyone with an interest in photography.  There is a small annual fee for membership, but the meetings are open, so if interested, come to a meeting or two and then decide if you wish to join.

Meetings are held monthly, usually on the last Monday of each month.  The meetings are preceded with a half hour meet and greet at 5:00.  The meetings start at 5:30 pm.  They are held at the lower level of the Straffordville Library, 9366 Plank Road, Straffordville (Bayham), Ontario.  The meetings end before 8:00 p.m. when the Library closes.

During the month preceding each meeting there is a challenge topic.  Members are encouraged to create photographs during the month that are in some way relevant to the topic.  Those images, and others that members wish to share are brought to the meeting for viewing.  Show and tell also includes any subjects that members wish to share, such as ideas for outings, new technology, new gadgets, or other images.  As the club is small, discussions are informal.

POV Goals:

  • Promote interest in photography within the region;
  • Provide a social opportunity for fun and friendship.
  • Encourage assistance in photographic techniques and opportunities;
  • Encourage appreciation of the uses of photography in communication;
  • Encourage understanding in the fields upon which photography and imaging are based; and